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***All offerings are currently virtual***
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Unblock Your Creative Career 
This 9 Week Intensive Course uses a Holistic approach to help you thrive in all areas of your life as a creative being. It combines industry knowledge, psychology, and Shamanic Energy Healing to help you transition from feeling stuck and stagnant in your career to feeling aligned and newly motivated in your creative work.
"I got more out of this course than I did in two years of therapy"
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Shamanic Energy Healing 
1hr of deep spiritual healing work. It often feels like a guided meditation. I will ask you what has been happening in your life that feels out of alignment or blocked and we will work with your spirit guides to identify any underlying causes, clear and heal what is no longer serving you, and share guidance for the next steps in your alignment journey.
"It’s an incredible process that I believe everyone can benefit from."
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My mindset towards my creative career is forever changed!
Unblock Your Creative Career has been mind blowing week after week.  I have gained so many tools to continue on with my own self work but also unlocked and unblocked thousands of things I didn’t realize were getting in the way of my success and the life I wanted to be living. 
-Elizabet Skagfjord, Actress
Online Courses
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