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About The Energy Studio

The Energy Studio is a place for creative individuals to learn about and nurture the energy within. When we open our eyes to the signs and synchronicities around us, there's no denying that there are greater forces at play. So why do we spend so much of our energy trying to "do it alone" instead of collaborating with the Universe? I am here to teach you how to tune in,  release what's no longer serving you, collaborate with the universe, and live a life in the flow! 

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Resources to Demystify the Mystical World + Collaborate with the Universe

Free Guide to Developing a personalize Morning Routine to set yourself up for an energetically aligned day
5 Easy Steps to Energetically Clear a room and create a "good juju" space. 
Free Guide To Align your monthly goals with the Energy of the Moon Cycle
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Let's Talk Boundaries
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"Madeleine has helped me understand what is going on energetically and get to the heart of issues in a calm environment. Within a week of implementing Madeleine’s Personalized Daily Practices I noticed myself staying calm in situations that would have brought on stress in the past and feeling more aligned in my actions. "

Mallory, Actor

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Hey! I'm Madeleine, I’m actor and energy healer based in NYC. 


A few years ago the universe threw some major road blocks  (at some point I’ll write a full blog post with details) and I couldn’t ignore the feeling that there was something energetically off. I had been sick for 6 months, I was no longer booking shows the way I had been and I just felt stuck #FrustrationNation. 


Then on a solo trip to France, a friend mentioned that she knew a Shamanic Energy Healer just outside of Paris. I immediately emailed this healer and was PUMPED to take a trip to the french country side and do some healing. Little did I know that our afternoon of healing would change the course of my life. 


Within a week of our session my weird physical pains and sickness symptoms disappeared, I was clear on where I wanted to put my focus in my career, and I had daily practices to keep my energy in alignment. Like WILDFIRE things shifted. Within a month I was in final callbacks for a lead in a huge dream show, everyone was mentioning how vibrant my energy was, and I felt healthier and more “in the flow” than I had since moving to NYC.

Since that trip, I have soaked in all things Energy Healing! I have studied Shamanic Energy Work through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, listened to all the podcasts, worked with a wide range of healers and become my friend’s “go-to-girl” when things feel wonky. AND NOW! I can be your “go-to-woo-woo friend” too!

Now you know a bit about me, I want to know about you!

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