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If you are ready to uncover and move past what has been keeping you stuck... 

Starts January 20th, 2022
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- Have you been pursuing similar dreams for a while and it feels like things aren't moving as quickly as you would like?

- Do you feel like there is plexiglass between you and your dream life? It feels SO CLOSE you can see it all happening but you just can't seem to get to it. 

- Have you spent years in "hustle mode" and you are now feeling burnt out, discouraged, and realizing you need a more sustainable way of operating?

- Do you feel disconnected from yourself and your artistry and you aren't sure how to get back to it?


Do you feel like you have something important to share with the world, you just don't know how to unleash it or get others to see it?


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You want to learn how to work creatively while staying mentally + energetically healthy.

You want to live life to the fullest 
but you find yourself putting things "on hold" for your creative career.

You are ready to do some deep personal healing and you know it's time to invest in yourself. 

You are ready to make changes and become the person you want to be instead of the person you ended up being. 

You are SO CLOSE to the fulfilling life you've dreamt of and you just can't seem to get through that next door. 
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Uncover what has been holding you back from the life changing success you have been craving. 
Clear any mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks that are keeping you from creative consistency.
Identify personal values and deepest desires so you can create goals and plans that are fit to YOU!
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Make an aligned game plan for the year ahead.
Receive 1:1 accountability to help you accomplish what you set out to do. 
Connect with a community of people working towards mentally and energetically healthy lives.
UNBLOCK YOUR CREATIVE CAREER will give you the tools to realign your life so that opportunities come to you with ease.
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"My mindset towards my creative career is forever changed! This course has been mind blowing week after week. This is so worth the money, time and effort. I have gained so many tools to continue on with my own self work but also unlocked and unblocked thousands of things I didn’t realize were getting in the way of my success and the life I wanted to be living.  I have become more grounded and more confident. Nothing feels impossible anymore. I am filled with joy and belief.  Please please please sign up!  You won’t regret it."

-Elisabet Skagfjord, Actress

Creative success is not about talent. It's about clearing what is energetically stopping you from the success you want. 
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Unblock Your Creative Career
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8 Live Classes to bring you through the progression of healing + 1 BONUS class to help set you up for long term success
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3 step by step, self guided workbooks to help you dive deeper into the core of what needs healing.
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A place away from social media to connect with and feel supported by others in the course.
+ Bonus Meditation + Financial Support resources

+Optional add on of 1 Energy Healing Session and a 1:1 Coaching Session

*The live classes meet Thursdays from 7:00-8:30pm est.
Replays are always available in case you need to miss the live class.
Weekly Course Breakdown
Week 1-3 Self Discovery
Week 1: Self Stories

We begin the course with internal exploration. We look at your personal experiences to identify any thoughtforms or unhealed wounds that may be standing in your way. We cover topics such as radical acceptance and shadow work paired with an exercise to assist in immediate release of trapped emotions.
Week 2: Inner Children + Outside Voices
We then move one step beyond the internal and start to identify the influencing voices in our lives. What beliefs have we inherited? What stories are being solidified in your every day life? Once we identify the stories we then look at how that messaging is affecting your belief systems. Is it encouraging you to grow or is it keeping you stuck where you are?
Week 3: Identifying Values + Needs
In week three we look at your base human needs and personal values. Once identified we use these to begin to craft your future life. The life where you are surrounded by people who support and "get" you, the life where you aren't anxious about bills, and where you feel fulfilled with the work you are doing. In this week we also begin to talk about personal non-negotiables, healthy boundaries, and saying no. 
Week 4-6 Identifying Patterns
Week 4: Codependency + Creativity
In week 4 we address codependency with work. We build on the practice of setting clear personal boundaries as a way to support and excel your creative career. We look at the ways that unconscious enmeshment with your work and career may be holding you back from the success you desire. Once we identify the points of dependency we are able to create healthy boundaries and consciously choose the actions we take in our career.
Week 5: Masculine/Feminine Energy + Adrenaline Dominance
In week 5 we learn about the differences in Masculine and Feminine Energies. We all contain both but what most don't realize is that to succeed in a creative career we must master (or find ways to support) both energies.  We also start part 1 of learning about Adrenaline dominance and somatic healing techniques. Adrenaline dominance is one of the most common energetic imbalances in all creative industries. You know that up and down in motivation and exhaustion? You may be the one perpetuating that cycle. 
Week 6: Somatic Healing + Adrenaline
In week 6 we learn to identify how the adrenaline and trauma stored in our bodies has influenced our creative process. Once we begin to identify these patterns we learn tools to help you move through and release trapped trauma from your body. 

In this week we also discuss how to keep yourself safe when working with personally difficult material. 
Week 7-9 Crafting The Life You Want
Week 7: Authentic Social Signaling
It is time to build yourself back up and craft the life that works for YOU. Others believe the stories and cues they are receiving, even the incredibly energetically subtle ones. In week 7 we learn how to turn comparison into an aligning tool, get clear on our creative mission statement, and then begin to get in touch with the authentic image of who the creator you are becoming. Once you have that image in mind personal marketing, networking, material choice, branding all becomes EASY. This is also the week where we start to make your personalized road map to your dream life.
Week 8: Designing The Life You Want
Now that we have a clear idea of your values and how to use certain tools to support your creative career, it's time to craft your dream life. In this module we talk about holding space and staying consistent in your dreams and beliefs in yourself, trusting your creative intuition. We also do some of the not so fun work of honestly looking at where you need self improvement and then making a realistic game plan. 

In our last week together we reflect on the journey and create rituals and practices to help you stay consistent in your creative pursuit (even when things get tough...cause at SOME POINT they inevitably will). We take time to reflect on your personal growth over the last 2 months. And close out with any final questions or thoughts. At this point you should be feeling clear in your next creative moves, feel confident that you are walking into the rooms that are meant for you, feel a sense of belonging in your creative career, and you are able to embody your authentic self.

"There are already huge changes in my life! If you’re considering  taking this class, my advice would be DO IT! My mindset has shifted from fear to joy. My faith in myself, in my career, and in my life’s purpose has grown immensely. There is always more self work to be done, but I have the tools I need to succeed because I took this class and worked with Madeleine! This is a journey that requires vulnerability, honesty, and dedication, but it is a journey worth investing in and Madeleine will support you every step of the way."


-Maddie Booth, Actor/Singer/Teacher/Creator

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Unblock Your Creative Career combines industry knowledge, psychology, AND shamanic energy healing to shift on ALL levels (mind, body, and spirit). Throughout the course we help you identify thought forms, belief patterns, and relationship patterns that are holding you back + keeping you stuck. We don't just put a pin it it, we dig DEEP and do the healing on a soul level. Once the soul is aligned and ready, nothing can stop it. 
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Unblock Your Creative Career
Unblock Your Creative Career Course Includes:
-8 Week Live Course + 1 Bonus Week
-3 Course Workbooks
-Private Online Community
-2 Course Bonuses

$1,075 VALUE
  ---> EARLY BIRD PRICE: $550 or 4 Payments of $150

Optional Add Ons: 

+ 1 Energy Healing Session:

Value $1,210
or 4 Payments of $168
+ 1 Energy Healing Session
AND 1 Coaching Session:

Value $1,290
or 4 Payments of $181
*Early Bird Pricing Available until 12pm EST. December 31st, 2021*
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"I did not anticipate a mindset shift this significant, but it happened. Maybe it's because I was at a point where I knew the resistance was there and I couldn't shake it, but I really believe this class gave me the tools and resources to feel empowered in myself.


The structure and format of the class is perfect to hold you accountable but completely open to your individual experience. I am clearer on my goals creatively and financially, that I now believe will become reality and am seeing results towards."

-Clarissa Boston - Actor/Producer

Super interested but still on the fence?
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Schedule an interested meeting through the link below. These meetings are a time for us to talk about what's going on in your life and see if this course could support you!