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"My mindset towards my creative career is forever changed! This course has been mind blowing week after week. This is so worth the money, time and effort. I have gained so many tools to continue on with my own self work but also unlocked and unblocked thousands of things I didn’t realize were getting in the way of my success and the life I wanted to be living.  I have become more grounded and more confident. Nothing feels impossible anymore. I am filled with joy and belief.  Please please please sign up!  You won’t regret it."

-Elisabet Skagfjord, Actress

"There are already huge changes in my life! If you’re considering  taking this class, my advice would be DO IT! My mindset has shifted from fear to joy. My faith in myself, in my career, and in my life’s purpose has grown immensely. There is always more self work to be done, but I have the tools I need to succeed because I took this class and worked with Madeleine! This is a journey that requires vulnerability, honesty, and dedication, but it is a journey worth investing in and Madeleine will support you every step of the way."


-Maddie Booth, Actor/Singer/Teacher/Creator

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If you are interested in Unblocking Your Creative Career Click the button below and set up a time to talk!

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“I always caught myself wondering where I belonged in my creative field. And what’s worse, I wondered where OTHERS thought I belonged. After TES’ Unblocking course, I realize no one gets to decide where I belong other than myself. Doing the internal work and asking the hard questions not only will allow me to step back into theatre with a new confidence, but towards the highest version of myself. I feel calmer, and especially during this global turmoil, I feel grateful to be more in touch with my own light which I’m finding trickles to those around me."

-Nadia Vynnytsky 

(Campbell - National/ International Tour Bring It On,

Serena - Legally Blonde Tour, Emma-Workshop)

"I don’t feel lost anymore. I am feeling more motivated, as well as more confident to slowly bring things back into my daily/weekly life as the theatre industry is slowly opening back up. If you are someone who always put others first, who makes moves based on other people’s opinions, I urge you to PLEASE take this course. I came into this course lost, confused, scared to think about what I want in my future, and I am now leaving the course with this inner strength I have never felt before. Madeleine is the cheerleader you need on your team to get you to the creative life you dreamed about. With her help it can become a reality!"

-Emma Rose Brooks, Theatre Actor and Director

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