“Unblock Your Creative Career” is a 9 Week Intensive Course which uses a Holistic approach to help you thrive as a creative being. It combines industry knowledge, psychology, and Shamanic Energy Healing to help you transition from feeling stuck and stagnant in your career to feeling aligned and newly motivated in your creative work.

Style: Live Group Course

Next Start Date: April 7th


In this course you will learn basic Shamanic Practices to realign your trust in yourself and in turn, realign your life. For many, these practices are calming and feel like coming home. So much of our culture promotes turning outward for help - I want to show you the power of turning INWARD. How to tune in to YOUR truth, trust YOUR inner knowing, and live the life YOU want.

Style: Self Run - Online

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Coming Soon!

IGLOW 2 is focused on Energetic Hygiene. Once you've gained an understanding of our own energy in Intuition Glowup, you will naturally start to tap into the energy of the universe. In this course I will show you easily applicable tools to protect your energy, gain clarity in every day life, and bring your energy levels up.

Style: Self Run - Online

Prerequisite: Intuition Glowup

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