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I’m an actor, shamanic energy healer, and life coach based in New York City. 


A few years ago the Universe threw some major road blocks and I couldn’t ignore the feeling that there was something energetically off. I had been sick for 6 months, I went from working as an nyc actor non-stop to not booking shows and I just felt stuck #FrustrationNation. 

Fast forward, a friend suggested I see an energy healer and within a week my physical illness symptoms were gone. Within a month I was in final callbacks for the lead in a first national tour and everything in life felt so synchronistic. I knew there was something special about Energy Healing so I dove in!


I immediately started strengthening my intuition and clairvoyance, studying Celtic and Norse Shamanism as well as working with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and other mentors.

As the years went on I started to use these practices to align and revitalize my acting career. As a musical theater performer I had been taught to be the "yes" person. Through  shamanic work and becoming a life coach, I found the tools  to set healthy boundaries with my work (no more creative codependency!),  manifest opportunities that fuel me artistically, and identify and heal the behavioral patterns that were keeping me stagnant in my creative career. 

I now specialize in working with creative individuals (entrepreneurs, performers, singers, actors, etc)  to help them unblock their creative careers. In an energy healing session we will identify anything from energetic leaks, past life regressions, soul retrievals, ancestral healing, to realigning codependent patterns so you can manifest your dream life. 

"Madeleine is a powerful and talented energy healer. Her openness and divine connection helps realign your energy from the inside out. It’s an incredible process that I believe everyone can benefit from. Madeleine does a wonderful job of explaining what she is doing, and I felt at ease the entire session."
-Nadia Vynnytsky
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 As a performer and entrepreneur, I understand the unique ups and downs of living a creative life on a soul level. I want to help you get out of that "struggling artist" mentality and discover how to align with your intuition, recognize synchronicity in your life, heal and navigate your energy with ease, and feel empowered to manifest your dream life. 
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My first energy healing was in Paris 

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A safe place for performers and creatives to realign with their intuition and inspiration.